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Jane Eyre: A Memory, a Fever, a Dream


"...[Stype is] sympathetic and believable as she matures against misery..."

--Michael Grossberg, Columbus Dispatch (full article)


"Robyn Rae Stype adeptly juggles the morality duels that plague Jane as well as her youth insecurities and worries...Grounded in youth and simplicity, Stype's portrayal of Jane highlights her naivety and insecurity..."

--Lisa Much, Columbus Underground (full article)


"As Jane herself, Robyn Rae Stype embodies Rochester's description with plainspoken ferocity and strength."

--Jay Weitz, Columbus Alive (full article)

The Baltimore Waltz


"Stype's expression of quiet grief for her brother was one of the most remarkable and poignant scenes of the play."

--Katherine Baker, Kenyon Collegian (full article)

The Memory of Water


"Appearing only in dream sequences, Stype had a powerful presence on stage, and the final scene of the first half, in which she suddenly appears among her daughters for a photograph, was incredibly well-executed and shocking."

--Noah Heinrich, Kenyon Collegian (full article)

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