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Jane Eyre: A Memory, a Fever, a Dream

Available Light Theatre

I had the great pleasure of playing Jane in Available Light Theatre's world premiere production.  Written by Daniel Elihu Kramer and directed by Acacia Duncan, this new adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel incorporates interviews with real readers into Jane's tale, exploring how this first-person autobiography intertwines with the lives of those who experience it. Click on the button below to visit the Available Light website and learn more about the development of this production.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Available Light Theatre

After years of admiring the work of Columbus's own Available Light Theatre, I was thrilled to be offered a role in their production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  This regional premiere of the punk rock Broadway musical explored the life and times of our infamous seventh president by portraying him as a rock star, throwing his often contradictory character traits into stark relief.  Among my several roles in the ensemble, I played the "mysterious hip girl" who sings about Jackson's treatment of Native Americans in the biting "Ten Little Indians" number. 

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